IMG_5893gray wolf® rye whiskey

60% rye 40% malted barley
alembic pot distilled
triple cask solera method
46.5% abv (93 proof) 375 ml

Our namesake rye whiskey is handcrafted from 60% rye grain and 40% proprietary malted barley blend. Alembic pot distilled and aged in a progression of three casks, utilizing the solera method. It begins to develop in new charred North American oak barrels. Successive maturation evolves in port wine casks then finishes in Appalachian white oak vats. Gray Wolf boasts a rich nose and complex body. The signature peppery spice of the rye grain lingers yet is balanced with a softer sweet finish from the malted barley. Notes of cherry mingle with hints of leather where cinnamon and vanilla are equalized by the undertone of smokey oak. Superb alone, savory in cocktails.
*non chill filtered, settling may occur*

IMG_5890lone vodka

100% locally grown malted barley
16 plate column distillation
active carbon charcoal filtered
40% abv (80 proof) 750 ml

Affirming our dedication to authenticity and our passion for creativity, Lone is mashed, fermented, distilled, and bottled by hand. It is made from 100% locally grown malted barley. Attention to every detail of the distilling process and the sole use of malted barley has resulted in a truly distinct vodka. Lone, a neutral spirit, is clean and soft with the slightest hint of malt sweetness. Lone can stand on its own or add a unique dimension to however you choose to imbibe.

IMG_5891timber gin

100% locally grown malted barley
vapor infused botanicals
rested on sassafras wood staves
45.5% abv (91 proof) 750 ml

Expanding our creative and innovative portfolio of spirits, we introduce Timber. It is mashed, fermented, distilled, and bottled by hand from 100% malted barley. Our new contemporary style gin is vapor infused with juniper berries, lemon peels, orange peels, cardamom, peppercorn, rose hips, hibiscus, and elderflower. It is rested on sassafras wood staves. The result is an herbal and earthy, clean and crisp spirit, balanced with floral and pepper notes, with a refreshing tingle from the sassafras. Delightful on its own or in any classic gin cocktail, it will also appeal to one’s experimental side. Exquisite alone, extraordinary in cocktails.

IMG_5892lobo agave spirit

alembic pot distilled
100% organic blue Weber agave nectar
rested on French oak
43.5% abv (87 proof) 750 ml

The first agave spirit distilled in Maryland! An American original, named Lobo, the Spanish translation for wolf, as a nod to the origin of the agave nectar from which it is distilled. Lobo is handcrafted from 100% unrefined organic blue Weber agave nectar; alembic pot distilled to exalt the specific character of the agave; and rested on french oak, to enhance the appearance, aroma and flavor. Golden in color, with a bouquet of maple, vanilla, and butterscotch on the nose; more mellow than its’ cousin from the south, Lobo sips with notes of vanilla, agave, and honey caramel. Splendid alone and succulent in cocktails.  *non chill filtered, settling may occur*

IMG_4742errand brandy


*limited release small batch*
alembic pot distilled
aged 2 years
40% abv (80 proof) 750 ml

Fermented primarily from grapes and a fraction of select fruits. Errand has been handcrafted to laud the character of the wine base. Rested two years in a charred North American oak cask, to enhance the appearance, aroma, and flavor, it entices with a warm amber hue. Especially fragrant, it charms the nose with a bouquet of candied fruit, maple, vanilla, and citrus zest. Errand delights the palate with delicate notes of caramel and jam, vanilla and oak. The finish lingers with a hint of sweet spice. It is delectable alone as well as in cocktails.
*non chill filtered, settling may occur*